Stand Up Paddleboards


Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fun way to practice your balancing skills, whether it’s paddling to your destination or standing up and sitting down. Our park visitors also love to lie on the boards, a perfect time to relax and catch some sun! You can even do yoga on our paddleboards, something that has become more and more popular in recent years.


Stand Up Paddleboards




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Pricing may very by season, date and weekday... please check final pricing at booking for exact pricing and availability.

Please Note:

  • Your session starts on the hour and lasts for 45min. You will need to start heading back to our rental dock area when you see the AQUA PARK session ending.
  • Paddleboards are 1 person per board. You must be at least 48″ tall to use a paddleboard. One child under 48″ may accompany a parent on their paddleboard at no additional cost.
  • Everyone must wear a CGA life jacket, provided on-site if needed.
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to check-in, get your life jacket fitted and listen to our safety briefing.

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