Wake Island has partnered with to provide the best retail experience possible for our customers. You can always go directly to to purchased the latest Wakeboard equipment or you can come into our boutique BoardCo retail shop at Wake Island to talk with one of our knowledgable staff. Buy a wakeboard membership and ask us about retail discounts on equipment!

About Boardco

We are here to make the world more awesome. We believe that time spent on the water is awesome in every sense of the word. The fun we have, the bonds we forge, the friendships we cultivate and the memories we make on the water are, in many ways, unequaled anywhere else. The feeling of landing a new trick, getting a kid up for the first time, or achieving a personal best while your friends and family lounge in the boat is about as "awesome" as it gets. We are in the business of creating that feeling - supplying the things that you need to have those moments over and over again. That feeling of getting new gear, a new item that will help in the pursuit of doing something really fun, is one the best there is, and being a part of that experience day in and day out is what gets us out of bed in the morning. "This (insert any of the products we offer every day) is awesome!" is a phrase we hear regularly around here and, chances are, if we were a paper supply company, that wouldn't be the case.

Lucky for us, we don't supply paper - we supply boats, boards, skis, and everything you could possibly want to go with them. In short, we supply awesomeness and have since 1989. 

Welcome to BoardCo.